Who We Are

DeCA Cards is the exclusive provider and distributor of Commissary Gift Cards. We are proud to play a role in honoring our active and retired military families by making gift cards available to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals to help make the expense of groceries and other essential household products less burdensome.  

Commissary Gift Card
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Our History

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) Gift Card Program began in 2010 when SVM, a leading issuer and distributor of retail gift and network prepaid cards led the launch of the Commissary Gift Card Program.

DeCA Cards was founded by SVM president Marshall Reavis in 1997. As the son of a U.S. Navy veteran with more than three decades of service, Marshall and everyone at our company feels a deep connection to both active and retired military families.  SVM was sold in 2020, but Marshall and members of his team retained the Commissary Gift Card Program thereafter.

Since its inception, the Commissary Gift Card program has become a symbol of appreciation and support for military families and veterans worldwide.

How DeCA Cards Works

Who Can Buy

Anyone and Everyone! Ordering is simple. For individual orders, simply click below. Bulk orders, contact us for assistance.

Who Can Use

Commissary Gift Cards can be used by all eligible active or retired military families. Click below to see eligibility requirements.

Where to Use

Gift Cards can be used at more than 235 military Commissaries around the world. Click here to find a location.